Save the Date – Saturday, April 30, 12 pm

I will be reading a story from my memoir called, "Hazel's Magical Irises" at Four Corners Merchants in Renton, Washington. It's about a multigenerational gift of irises. Just a Little Something, a company specializing in custom succulent arrangements, will be teaching people how to pot spring plants and succulents. Come join us!

The Wild Kingdom in My Yard

Spring and summer are my absolute favorite seasons at my house. Deciduous trees bud, then bloom and make a canopy for all sorts of birds. Sometimes we hear them before we see them. The Towhee’s song has been described as a one-second song that sounds like “drink-your-tea.” I often listen to them scritch-scratching under my... Continue Reading →

My Secret Garden

If you’ve known me for even a little while, you know that I love to garden. And while my friends get excited about their bumper crops of tomatoes, I get jazzed about flowers. Adjacent to my house in the back, I have a hillside garden that includes calendula, honeysuckle, and Grandma Hazel’s irises from Nebraska.... Continue Reading →

Would you like fruit, or weeds?

My kids are very much like my garden. Sometimes they produce the fruit I expect, and sometimes they produce weeds. Other times they wilt and wither until I pour a little love on them. I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately because the sun has been shining, and it seems like winter is behind... Continue Reading →

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