Cape Hatteras Family Vacation

In the 1970s, my family lived in rural Pennsylvania. My dad worked for Xerox as a salesman, and we’d take a 2-week family vacation every summer. We often went to the nearby Jersey Shore or Buffalo, New York, where we’d lived before. We always enjoyed getting away, and the destination didn’t matter. But this year,... Continue Reading →

Save the Date – Saturday, April 30, 12 pm

I will be reading a story from my memoir called, "Hazel's Magical Irises" at Four Corners Merchants in Renton, Washington. It's about a multigenerational gift of irises. Just a Little Something, a company specializing in custom succulent arrangements, will be teaching people how to pot spring plants and succulents. Come join us!

Ode to 52

I have now officially outlived my Mother, and these are my reflections on this experience. A year ago tomorrow, I celebrated my 52nd birthday. During the pandemic, we were limited in where we could go and how many people could sit together in a restaurant. My husband made a reservation at a local Thai restaurant.... Continue Reading →

My Wild Month of Writing

Today is December 3, and I've just spent all of November writing a novel for NaNoWriMo – 30 days and 51,139 words of historical fiction. The first day was probably the most difficult for me because I dove right into a period that I'm not familiar with, and an occupation I have no personal experience... Continue Reading →

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