May 28, 2022 | Day 28: Being a Confident Writer

What makes me feel confident as a writer? My personal favorite is finding a topic, researching, and writing about it. I spend days reading my story aloud to myself, my dog, and my family. When it’s good enough, I share it with my writing group. They give me feedback that I incorporate, then publish on my WordPress site. Some of these stories have been revised and edited for inclusion in my self-published memoir, Where Is Home. Others live on my blog site until I find another purpose for them. Sometimes I continue to rework them. One of my earliest blog posts was about two hummingbirds on my deck. One got injured, and the other revived him. I’ve revised that one several times over the years. Maybe you’d like to read it and give me feedback. An essential skill in being a confident writer is the ability to give and receive feedback, and I’m grateful to my writing group for giving me regular practice. It has helped me immensely.

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