May 9, 2022 | Day 9: My Favorite Childhood Teacher

My favorite childhood teacher was my 5th-grade teacher. Her name was Mrs. Miller, and she taught at Hepburn Lycoming Elementary School in Pennsylvania. She was a fun teacher, and I loved her creativity. She taught our class creative writing, which I loved. She celebrated her students by hanging their work on a bulletin board in the hallway outside our classroom. I remember a wall of poetry we created that included cutout people who resembled the Peanuts characters with their heads held high and their mouths wide open. When we performed well, she had a little jar of animal crackers on her desk, and we’d each be allowed two. Such a simple reward, but it worked. I left her classroom feeling such pride in my work. My family moved out of state over Christmas break that year, and I lost touch with her, but Mrs. Miller continues to live as a sweet memory in my heart.

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